Product Features

Rainmaster guards have pre-cut no waste fold out vents to capture rain water and direct the flow to the plant roots.

  • Our tab design means you don't have to cut the guards off trees that have grown well and are too large for the tree guard. 
  • Our unique V design for the hardwood stake does not tear with the Corflute® grain.
  • Pre pressed, offset holes allow sturdy attachment to the stake, by way of UV stabilised cable ties. 


  • Rainmaster tree guards also have a second set of pre pressed holes giving you the option to add another stake for extra stability. The addition of this feature, along with our special bowed V shaped stake slots means the guard will not twist or tear in high wind environments.

 rainmaster1853       rainmaster1849

  • Our easy clip tabs allow guards to be removed from well grown trees and packed away so they can be used again if you wish to do another planting. Rainmaster tree guards allow you to do multiple planting projects without having to purchase more guards.
  • Years of trialing Rainmaster guards in harsh conditions with minimal rain fall have led to the unique design that will make a difference to your survival rates.



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